setting up and media production company

In the ‘setting up and media Production Company’ talk I went to for Enterprise and Employability week Simon Horniblow presented us with his business. He told us what it would be like to open your own media production company, I found this talk very interesting and helpful.

The business Simon made is called campus life and it is and its aim is to help universities to communicate with their students better through the use of videos. The sort of thing that Simons Company make are promotional videos, accommodation videos and welfare videos for many different universities. The company is based in Headingly Leeds which is the main student area in Leeds. The company work off fixed term contract, Simon explained to use this is when you get a contract to work for a company only for a couple of months.

Simon started his career off by studying film and television production at the University of York. His lecture told him during his time at university that media is a very competitive industry to work in, she stated ‘only 1 in every 10 media graduates will finds employment within the media industry’ this statistic is from 2002 though so I don’t think it is very reliable anymore. During university he went to do an internship at true north productions and also worked weekends at Argos to fund his internship. He said during our talk that he wanted to do more than ‘work’ he wanted to enjoy what he does so he went and did it himself by knocking on doors of companies and asked if he and his business partner could make films for them.

Then he and his business partner decided to make a YouTube channel called ‘’ and sent this to universities around the country, and lastly he told us ‘get experience now! Don’t wait until you finish university’ I think this is a very good piece of advice as employers don’t want just a degree they want experience as well


Opportunities within Marketing

Another talk I went to during Enterprise and Employability week is a talk on opportunities within marketing, the talk was given to us from Jessica Moss from LINK Communications, a marketing firm based in and around Leeds but also does national jobs and markets for big brands.

The company has over 10 thousand plus Brand Ambassadors and over 14 years’ experience, they also focus on intelligent planning and working with big brands such as Kellogg’s and Barclay’s banks. The sort of thing that the company does for their clients are product sampling, leaflet distribution, Brand Experience and Publicity and PR stunts to name but a few. Jessica told us that the best geographical location for this marketing company use are places like, high streets, train stations, supermarkets, universities and colleges and events or festivals.

The things that the company are looking for in their staff are different for different roles in the company. The have over 10 thousand plus promotion staff ranging from dancers to actors, they look for versatile brand ambassadors and a variety of different personal for each different company which requires their marketing skills.

Their operational support are experienced and fully briefed for every different marketing scheme they are doing whether it is promoting Kellogg’s at a festival or marketing Barclays bank in the centre of Manchester. They supply their staff with regular activity updates and have support open for their staff 24 hours of the day, in case they need help with something.

Now to talk more about Jessica herself, she studied events Management at Manchester Metropolitan University, after she graduated she became a conception manager at Topshop, she worked her way up in Topshop and led her to work on an event in London for Topshop. After working in top shop she got her job at LINK Communications 6 months ago and worked her way up the ladder at LINK communications. She started at LINK communications as a hand to hand sales woman, then became a temp leader after this she became a temp in the office, and now she is a recruitment manager. She also told us that they are always wanting interns which I am going to apply for.

How to succeed in the world of PR and Communications

During Enterprise and Employability week at my university I went to a talk on PR and Communications how to succeed. Richard Bond told me lot of interesting this about how to succeed in the world of PR and Communications. He told us all about his personal journey through the years and to present and I am going to tell you how he started his career.

He started his journey when studying in London thus getting the degree he needed to follow his own path way, after he finished his studies he moved up north and started interning at Manchester Metropolitan University, he then went on to sell wines in reading. Then he joined a firm called Spin media which later changed its name to SKV Communications, it is a national company based in Manchester, it has 15 staff and it provides the services of creative ideas and intelligent solutions, it also provides media relations and communication strategies. The core sectors that the business adheres to are business and enterprise and creative,

That is enough about the business that her works for now here is more about Richard himself and what he does in the role of the company. To name a few on a wide list of things that he does in the business are researcher, creative, sales person, detective and negotiator just to name a few of the any things that Richard does in his role at SKV Communications. The things that his clients look for are broad and needed part of his work, he told us that you have to be somewhere in between a relationship with the client and a client to the client he adapted this to how you should work with a client should you just give them a service? Or should you build a relationship with them. He also showed us a technique that some PR companies use and it is called “Spray and Pray” he told us we should not use this and instead speak to journalists and try and convers with them.

Beyoncé demonstrates the power of social media


Beyoncé released her latest self-titled album on the 13th of December, much to the surprise of everyone. The ‘crazy in love’ singer broke a music industry tradition and I am certainly sure she hasn’t regretted it since. The album has sold over 830 thousand copies reveal recent figures. Beyoncé also broke iTunes records for fastest selling album.

Instead of embarking on a promotional tour, appearing on numerous chat shows and visiting lots or radio stations, beyoncé simply took to Instagram and Twitter with a post captioned ‘Surprise’ as according to Sky News, she was bored of the traditional way and felt she could connect with fans better this way.

The success of ‘Beyoncé’ in less than a week has proved just how powerful Social media, and the outcome it can have, is.


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essay post

I am going to be recommending many different video platforms that you could use to promote and train your staff. I will be showing you many different platforms you could use for this task, I will be helping you with what is good and what is bad and which platform I recommend for you to use.

The first platform I will be telling you about is Youtube, I think this Is a good platform form multiple different reasons, here I will be showing you why I think this could be a good platform for you to use for your company. I think this is a good platform because not only training your staff you can also train the public in the area you are training your employees in, this is a good thing because then this is good for the promotion of your business because people will watch the video and then think that you trained them well so they may use your products again. A bad point about using Youtube as your plat form is the fact that it is a public platform and anyone could find your video and use it for themselves and possibly make a profit from what you have shown them. But all in all I think that this platform is a very good video platform that you could use for your business.

“youtube is currently the biggest video sharing site on the web and the third most
visited site on the internet”

Another good thing about Youtube that could be useful for your business is the fact that if your video gets so many hits, the video can go viral if you make the video catchy enough, this is good for promotion of your business because if your video goes viral you will have more hits to your website and therefore you will achieve a higher chance of getting customers. This is good because this causes you online capture which will bring you customers and therefore get you more money for you business. Some examples of good viral videos for promoting a brad are the cadburys adverts of weird and wacky creations of advertising. This is shown because it has 7 and a half million views so this brings the product traction online through their video online.

Vimeo is also another good video platform that you could use, being very similar to youtube it shares the same flaws and success’s. Although using youtube you can see how many people have viewed your video and what sort of traction it has on vimeo you cant do this which is a flaw of the site that could also bring you success in just training your employees. On vimeo though you have the choice of choosing from member ships that give you different perks of using it, there is vimeo basic, vimeo plus and vimeo pro, all of these different packages come with different perks. This could be a good thing that your business could use because if you use vimeo pro you have lots of playback time and there is no restriction on your playback length. I think vimeo is a good platform to use because like youtube it is a public video platform but unlike youtube you can get different subscriptions that you can use anywhere and any time you want to use them. Many of these different options can bring you various different perks, the subscription I would choose to train your business would be the pro subscription because In my opinion you can get the most out of the service that you are paying for, it may cost you some money but at the end of the day what doesn’t cost you money?

Another good platform for your use is ustream, I think this would be very good to train your employees through vary different ways. I think this is a good idea because the setting on this video platform are private so only you and your employees and people you choose can watch the video, I think this is a good idea because then if someone in the public wants to be trained by you they have to pay for the service that you are giving them. This is a good way for your business to make a profit, with a simple to use navigation system that gives you the control of your videos. Many big brands use this platform for their business and employees. Another good thing about ustream is that you can use it on any device on the go, so if your client wants to watch a video while they are on their commute to work they can on any device with internet access.
“ broadcast yourself with ustream. Free, easy to use tools are emerging and evolving all the time to help you create your own mash up”
this shows that ustream is a very useful piece of technology and a very good platform for what you will be using it for. Another good thing about usteam, is that you can save all of the videos you have created into the cloud which will make your video more secure so if you lost the copy you made on your laptop you always have the copy in the cloud that you can access any time.

Video cloud is based souly on the cloud, so all of your videos are based in the cloud. I think this is a good platform for you to use because then if you loose the copy’s you have on your computer and it doesn’t save and you loose it you always have the copy in the cloud to come back too. On videocloud you have different choices of subscription that you can choose from, you have trial which is free, small which is £15, medium which is £25, large which is £95 and unlimited which is £160. with each one you get lots of different perks that you can work with. With the trial subscription you get 3 Videos, 5GB Streaming / Month and 5 VideoTXTs / Month, this would be good as a trial period for you to try the platform out but I wouldn’t recommend it in the long run. In the small package you get 25 Videos, 50GB Streaming / Month, 50 VideoTXTs / Month, this would be a good package to choose for a short period because you get a lot of storage and can post 25 videos. The one I would recommend for you too use would be the unlimited package because you get Unlimited Videos, 1000GB Streaming / Month, 1000 VideoTXTs / Month, I think this is the best package for your brand because you get unlimited videos and you also get 1000 GB of streaming which is good for a big business. A video TXT is basically a video sent by text to whoever you want to send it to. You can also connect your videos to facebook, twitter, tumblr and other social networking platforms so people in the public can watch your videos as well.
“Monetise your Video Content without adverts or competitors crashing the party.”
this shows that you can make money off using this site without advertising anything. Like on youtube you could have your video playing and before your video starts playing you could have an advert of a competitor on before your video has even started to play.

Vidcaster is a free video platform with no subscriptions needed, this Is very helpful because then all of your employees and clients can use this site. It has many raving reviews about the site and many different recommendations from real people in real business’s.
“Vidcaster is helping Informatica Cloud go beyond our YouTube channel with a video resource site that is easy to navigate and optimized for SEO. Our sales team loves it!”
– Darren Cunningham, VP of Marketing, Informatica Cloud
this shows that real people in real company’s use this site for their own business and brings them better impressions than their youtube channels. This shows that this platform is potentially better than youtube or any other video platform to train your business and employees. The best parts of this platform are that you can share your videos on social media platforms, add annotations to videos, charger viewers to watch your video and many more. I think the best thing about this platform that you can use for your brand is that you can charge people to watch your videos, this brings you a higher rate of income because if somebody wants to know what you do to bring in money like your company or wants to learn something that your company is teaching then they have to pay for the right to watch the video you are sending out. I think this is a good thing because you get payed for making one video and putting it online for the world to see and pay for. Another good thing that you can use on this website is, that you can convert video viewers into contacts, this is good because then everyone who has watched your video and everyone who has interacted with your brand can be part of your business, for example they could watch your video and then you could automatically send them an email about your product or your service. Each video is also given its own unique page with its own URL which makes your video more searchable in its content, this means more people will see the video and watch what you have to say in the video, this is a good branding tool because then you will get more people interested in your brand and interested In what you are doing online and how you are doing it. This brand is also highly regarded in the industry with big business’s using this site to promote their brand such as, wix, informatica cloud, safe net and Vmware, this shows that this platform is highly regarded as a good way to train your staff and a good video platform to use.

In conclusion although all of the video platforms are good for your business I would recommend that you use vidcaster for the things you need. I think this because it is all around the best video platform that you could use for the things you need it for. I think this because you are not only making the video to train your staff you can also charge the general public to watch your video to be trained in the same area you are training your staff, and in the long run this will bring you a higher rate of income because lots of people will hear about your brand and thing that it is a good product. Another good thing I think that would be good for you to use in this site is the fact that it is highly regarded to other company’s. this is good because it is clearly a reliable source for you to use on your own business. So I think that it is a good choice for you to choose vidcaster to train your staff and also make money while doing it.


Bozarth, J. 2010. Social media for trainers. San Francisco: Pfeiffer. 2013. VideoCloud. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 15 Dec 2013].

Zarrella, D. 2010. The Social Media Marketing Book. Sebastopol: O’Reilly Media, Inc..

– Darren Cunningham, VP of Marketing, Informatica Cloud

Linkedin Adds Showcase Pages To Company Pages


Last week Linkedin replaced it’s news aggregator Linkedin Today so that they could get the right content in front of the right users. A week later and the company have taken a step further forward revealing Showcase Pages for companies that will, in practice, allow them to share content to a more focused and engaged audience.
The showcase page will work like less full-bodied company pages, for example major corporations such as Microsoft will be able to create pages for niche business units, like microsoft office or xbox. A standout feature of showcase pages is that they will be followable. This means that microsoft can share xbox content with Linkedin users who have expressed interest in the product, rather than every single person who simply follows microsoft.
With this new feature Linkedin hopes that brands will start focusing their content to specific audiences. Companies will be able to operate up…

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Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail


Social Media Logotype Background
It says it all in the headline really. I’m preparing a little research proposal here so that I don’t fail this MFC4322 assignment. Preparation is key so bare with me while I ramble on with a few hundred words or so.

The idea is to write a recommendation around a blog post of two thousand words supporting a blogging platform for a small retail and catering business. I plan on tackling this by looking at current small retail and catering businesses and how they use their domain websites and blog platforms to support their business and how effective this is for them. Key points I have thought of covering are it’s searchability, it’s ROI, user effectiveness and how content friendly it is. These will help support my recommendation to the customer.

I will also look at which social media platforms I can recommend to help support the blog. Hence it…

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